My name is Paloma , I am a Veterinary Zootechnician, graduated from the De La Salle Bajio University. I created this brand with all my love and effort, because for some years practicing the small species clinic, I began to love geriatrics, which led me to many challenges with my patients, since we were looking for quality of life without filling them with  medications, despite being a doctor and using allopathic medicine, I have always liked to go for the most natural options and try to cure using the least amount of medications in the most efficient way, and that was where I discovered CBD and its HUGE benefits, so for my own pleasure I started researching, reading and taking courses and diplomas, it was just before more was known about it, so I came across (at that time) with few or no options in the market for pets, with people skeptical about it and many taboos and misconceptions about what this ancient medicine is, so I decided to create CBDOGS at first, which after more research, paperwork (to do everything as it should), design, ideas, frustrations, joys....was born...... THE PET PHARMACY , I called it "apothecary" thinking of those where our mothers went to bring the "menjurgue" for illnesses, and that always made us feel better.

I am here to offer you an excellent product, my guide, my time so that your pets of any age can have the benefits of this wonderful complement to your pets' treatments and so that my beautiful old patients can live without pain and calm, and above all everything to offer you, responsible owners, committed to the health of your furry ones, which are as important to you as they are to me.